Saturday, December 5, 2009

a midnight fair


The clock above her head
Came the midnight’s children
said to the little kid,
gaily moved around
“get you up my beloved,
sang heavenly tunes
the midnight’s children arrived.
in solos and chorus
The child rose up and
“Welcome you princess,
took the Teddy bear
be our guest tonight
tucking up tunic,
let us sing and dance
sneaked out to the night.
till the stars recede”,
A cold, gentle breeze,
Lamps brightened up
tickled her small face,
Teddy blew trumpet,
the tender frame shivered,
Peepul played cymbals,
the bear moaned soft.
The wind livened the flute.
The silky smooth sky,
Delight prolonged long
lay stretched above,
ecstasy knew no bounds
the tired gloomy earth
swirling, swinging, twisting
slept in dirty cloak.
they danced till day dawned.
Searching hither and yon’
Then they took her in
looking up and down,
and her Teddy too,
seeing no one around
left a parting gift
the child sat in dismay.
of eternal LOVE.
In the mute stillness
heard a sound faint,
up above she saw
the benign smile of stars.