Monday, February 3, 2014


     Salomi John Valsan                                 
We born as her flesh and hot blood
We born as her children who connected
With connotation and detached from
Her most pure , powerful and infinite
Umbilical cord which she gives us as
Her most immaculate  gift……our life….!
We the sons and daughters
Grow and grow forgetting
The shadow and shades she provides
When the wings have had enough strength
We forget the huge trunk
Of that melodious murmur , of
Our oak tree….yep our one
And only absolved oak tree
Which incessantly spreads us its
Soft and sober shadow…..yep
She is nonetheless …….
The one whom we back dropped
On our way to grab and accumulate
 wayward wealth..
We never   looked back
To see …….oh…God…..
Whether she is behind us…
Or afar from us…with her feeble pace
Put forth…..or fallen on the
Desert which we had made for her
As with our hard hearted connivance….
               -----------------   salomi john valsen.