Monday, February 3, 2014


ശ്രീദേവി നായർ

The crowd is swelling
To see the nude sculpture of a woman
That stood before
A Devadaru tree.

Is nude attractive?
Sculptor loves nakedness.
All the organs
Are made to perfection.

Sculpture doesn’t need sex.
Only the onlookers need it.
Though the sculpture longed for sex
The sculptor forbids it.

The sculptor said:
You’re only a sculpture.
Your face and boobs
And body are all for the viewers.
You need just to stand there.
Those who throng to see you
Will decide what to do.
You’re not permitted
To have coitus.

You need not open your eyes.
To kindle wild erotica
You can lean a bit, if need be.
Even if you lie flat on the ground
It doesn’t matter much.

Sculpture said:
How long does it take
To know what coitus is?

Sculptor said:
Don’t wait.
Waiting for long for it
You’ll go insane.
You don’t have any right
Over your sex-needs.
You are only a showcase-object.

To see the fire catching up on your body
The Minister and the Academy President
Are all coming.
You make them hot.

Hearing this the sculpture trembled.
Out of that shivering
A fire broke out somehow.
In that fire
The sculpture got charred.