Saturday, October 31, 2009

advice column

sukshmananda swami
ezhuth/dec. 2009

de -identification

When somebody plays music, you listen , you just follow the sounds, and eventually you understand the music. The point cannot be explained in words because it is not words , but after listening a while you understand the point and the point is music.

In the same way, watch all emotions, sensations,experiences, as these are vibrations that come and happen to you,whether you pay attention or not , they continue. The vibrations are always going on . Normally we do not interfere with them or separate our self from them. Interferring means seeing and watching, but it does not mean disturbing, as is the definition of the usual interference.

As happens with breathing, when we start to breathe consciously instead of unconsciously , lots of things change, many unconscious acts become conscious and it brings many things to the surface.

Similarly , watching the activities of the mind , and interfering in the activities of mind, which is otherwise unconscious, is like applying a sudden brake to something. Braking helps us see the activities going on without ourconscious that sense , it is de-identification. Therefore, whatever system of meditation you follow, if it does not bring de -identification , it is futile.