Friday, August 2, 2013

My muses

dr k g balakrishnan

                         My mind the dancing whirlpool
                         Its depth immeasurable;
                         Its fulcrum the Time, the endlessness;
                         It is the eternal intuitive speck of mine.

                         My selfish self is dead an’ gone;
                         I am anew, the nascent view;
                         Immortal; lone an’ non-duel;
                         -The nameless formless Hue.

                          The Light illuminating my mind,
                          The hush ecstatic tranquilizing;
                          The solitude of calmness mutes;
                          -The bliss blossoming to the Nought.

                           The thought who am I lingering;
                           The hymn whispering: “you, you are!”