Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Muses

dr k g  balakrishnan

                             This moment your mercy,
                             I can sip thy sweet hymn,
                             Splitting the silence meek!

                             Each and every atom in me,
                             Gets illuminated by thy glance,
                             Your celestial grace!

                            The Rig as the East,
                            The Yajur as the ray South,
                            The Sama as the West,
                            The Adharva as the North;
                            O in the sky blue an’ vast,
                            The seven-horsed chariot
                            Of Sun- the emperor the great;
                            Alike to man and mite!
                            Omkara the eternal flower,
                            The madhu,-the honey-
                            The secret knowledge of the Veda;
                            The fulcrum, the micro-red flame;
                            The vision of yours in the Smile!
                              Yajur= Yajur-Veda
                               Sama= Sama-Veda
                               Adharva= Adharva-Veda