Sunday, May 16, 2010


sreedevy viswanathan


I saw the ocean in her eyes
The lady at the Indian shop
I took a squeak amidst the stack of Kohinoor rice
Her nose ring was wet, her words were sharp
Seagulls printed on her pant
She held a cell phone in her hand

I looked around to buy a pack of hug
To give it to her athwart that shelf
Her eyes were wounded by the bite of her bug
Blinded to any touch of warmth or help
I bought a bikini and a watermelon slice
And walked away stealing the ocean in her eyes.


Falling leaves in variant shades
Adieu to colorful days
The plainness of this winter chill
Suffocating a wish to yell

Hiking through this blatant path
With tightened eyes and a deep sigh
She hear the sound of love humming wrath
To let it pass and to question why

Sweltering blood stains on the ground
Rounded by bountiful deafened thoughts
Peaceful her tattoo, her lips welt
Last night at the word war, she was shot.



Heading toward the roughest wave
The surf board marked with broken words
The ocean smells with its withered paint
Old and known ,yet alarmed mind
The grit to take on, is that enough?
Or are we puppets of a replayed show?


I am an addict.
Addicted to boredom. And so keeping my dear ones out in freedom, from me, is my solemn duty.

I might get hurt. Sob in defeat. Yet, I am strength.
Strengthened by every bite of venom the world might pass on to me.

I am desire. The one thing great souls must keep away from.

I am a mother.
The baby colored wristband on my hand, my identity. My wealth.
From where the love in me derive.
Therefore, I am love.
I can never fall.

Even when the world that brought me smiles show its flip side
Bring bouquet of own and stolen tears
I can never fail to keep my smile.

I am an addict.
Addicted to keep it going.


I began with the thoughts of love on this snowy night
Yet reels of the past forced the limelight
Then I slept hoping to dream of love, for an unconscious glitz
And came dad with a goodbye tone awakening the succumbed guilt.