Saturday, December 31, 2011

the guru

        dr k g balakrishnan

        It was the Guru which proclaimed:

        “It's The Light!”

        Let us reminisce about

        The Manthra “Lead me Light!”

        The Guru, the Concept Omnipresent

        The Space as the quantum and the quest

        The conjure elastic unending thirst

        Igniting my thrilling thought

        Never a person a thing neither

        Nor the worldly view, viewer.

        It is the Vision vast wide an' deep

        The Time only would have a peep!

        The Guru, the Spring Blossoming

        The Scientific Thinking un-weathering!

        The Non-Dual the Guru spelled the Feel

        The Penultimate, if there would one Seal

        The Guru the Micro-Macro which does conceal

        Nil but console the eminent intuitive impulsive Role!

        The Guru the Rhythm the Tone an' Tune

        Tempered prompt into the concord fine

        Illumination of the intima does shine

        As this septa- color-magic merging to be One!


        The Guru= guru is a phenomenon hence “the Guru”

        The Mantra=hymn; chant

        Quantum=Physics-discrete amount of energy proportional to

        the frequency of radiation it represents

        Quantum mechanics

        The penultimate=last but one