Saturday, December 31, 2011


winnie panicker

When I look into your eyes, so deep and blue,
I see heavens unfolding and the deep sea,
So calm and silent, and peaceful, just pacing itself
To look at me, into mine, with the twinkle so dear and elating

It feels like the essence of a drop of water that fell drop
From the rose petal, so red and sweet, and
It fell onto my lips that was drenched so dry, only to wet it
With the honey biting sweetness that it held in that drop…

Ahead of me there is a road, where I see my hand held
So tight with yours and the shoulder that I lean on so firm
Like the strands on a peacock feather, so beautiful,
and more beautiful as the rain dances on…

When I look into your eyes, so deep and blue
I see the depths of the emotion that you have for me,
And every second when I hold myself to you,
The eyes that I see seem like the feathers of my angel cuddling me safe…

This elation that you make me feel,
A sense of exuberance into the multitude of happiness
I feel as though my head is floating, in the heaven on earth,
Being in your arms of, the guardian of my life, the angel, you,
The angel of my life…