Monday, December 2, 2013

60 Hour Attack

“For all those who faced the 2 terrible days and for those who laid down their lives for the nation… We Love India, let something like this NEVER happen again….” Bold

winnie panicker

Those hands slid through the sharp blades
And cut the veins of the hearts they held
Unexpected the rifles flew through the air
And thronged the bodies of hapless souls

Insecurity and desertness where hours counted
Sixty hours of breathless pain
A feather drop on the side led screams on
And cries that were held suppressed long

Suffocating agonies to tighten the stress
Prayers began to lose hope
And still the rifles thronged in everywhere
When the world outside gasped every second

A state where all emotions, trust and hope
Stood head down out of shame
A scenario where the civilians of the country
Stayed aghast pleading for help

When lives were in the hands of guns and rifles,
and the saviors who laid their life for us
We salute them with Pride!
For the bleeding game between life and death

It was a push from the cliff for the human kind
A fall which the Government could have rescued,
We need a thorough flush out, A Complete Change!
We need a responsible Government that hears the peoples cry.