Saturday, May 4, 2013


DR  k g balakrishnan 

                        Our Uncle Moon!
                        (Brother of Mother Earth);
                        How sweet the concept!
                        My haunting reminiscence!
                        (To day my birthday,
                        Lakshmi has sent the card.)

                        We are in Darwin this time;
                        To celebrate my 68th B’Day;
                        O I’m getting older;
                        But our Uncle Moon debonair;
                        (My mother too never gets old!)
                        My mind too is budding!

                        Here at Darwin, I feared,
                        My uncle might not recognize;
                        This foreign nephew;
                        But, o my loving uncle,
                        You are speaking Malayalam!

                        You bestow the cool caressing;
                        The patting affection on me;
                        I feel, you too accompanied us;
                        From Keralam to North Australia!
                        Ambiliyammavan=Uncle Moon
                        In Keralam, children consider the moon
                        As their loving uncle.