Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scattered rain

sreedevi nair

A  drop of  rain
Turned me on.
Is somebody coming
To drag me through the
Mystic paths of unknown Love?
What  I got from the nail tips of the rain
Where some admonishments,and sighs.

Could those rain drops
Rob the  lust from my eyes?
Like  an organism,
The  rain  drop beckons me,
But i could never see
The  rain  at all.

Rain  is  like idols of shattered  life.
Still  my  mind did  not  calm down.
On  each  glass piece of  the  shattered  mind
That rain might  be reflecting upon.
Seeking  the  rain,I  gaze into the sky and the  mind.
I wish  my love
Showered down as  rain.