Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Christmas was only two weeks away. And I was wandering through the newly opened shopping mall in the city, to purchase some inexpensive gifts for friends and relatives, along with my younger son.
“Dad, please get me also a greeting card... for a very special friend of mine”, my seven year old lad demanded coolly.

Christmas is a nightmare for parents, poor , like me.

“Very special friend? Is it for your girlfriend?”

“Daaaaaaaaaad”, poor boy was getting angry.

“Sorry young-man... I was just kidding you”, I tried to calm him down. “O.K...

"Do you want an expensive card or so?”

“No... He doesn't like expensive things... I need a simple....”, he stopped in the middle.

“But, elegant one?”

Christmas was over and also the holidays.

Continuous ringing bicycle bells woke me up from deep slumber, around four'o clock, in the evening.

“Unfortunately, the postal department couldn't locate the addressee...”, postman told while returning the greeting card. “We are extremely sorry...”, the old man pedaled away with a naughty smile on his pale face.

Tears blinded my eyes, while going through the unfamiliar “To address”.