Wednesday, February 1, 2012



''My sunshine, my starlight
All Yours
Take just that on nights like this
There will be a broken moon
Let those who have not tasted
The bitter cups of fate, sleep.''

When on sleepless nights
I hear your words
Knocking my sensitive heart
Then I stare out into this still blackness
When I would really want you.
Crave for you down
The slowest moving minutes
Of those dark, dark hours
Through my brown cooling windows
I would see terrific painted faces
of Theyyams-
With red and green blood shot eyes.

Sometimes I do see
An old woman
Like a domon
So, wild, squeezing her
Rottened teeth, gazing at me.

But then the dried ends
Of my undergrown coconut tree
would wipe against
My fearful glass windows
Taking me back to reality
Where I should realize

My love is just like some
Fine dust particles
Some rubbish
A few broken nails
Some hair unwantedly come out
Lying on the floor...


All these gathered by a maiden
Into the dirtiest dustbin
Thrown into the waste pit
Burnt along with plastics
Giving the most terrific sensation
Of vomitting
Of Suffocation
Of a pale numbness
Down the brain.

Still I stare into the darkness
With my hopeless hopes of
Seeing a fairy
Placing her light hands& breast
On my black window grills.