Thursday, January 2, 2014


DR. K G Balakrishnan

You the Sound, Colorless, Odorless,
Tasteless and the Shapeless, Non-tactile
But the Expression obliterates the dark;
Like the rising sun mercilessly melts away the dew.
You the sweet Dream electro magnetic
Which enchant the quantum by each and every
You the Sound in out and the Third Eye
The countless stars those twinkling as eyes;
Moments spurn time wave and tide.
Fate the intractable is always with me like
The shadow death and destination endless.
The Voice that sparkles day and night
Glittering emerald is nothing than you!
Your lips prompting and prompting everything!
I am the passer by seeking your footprint
But could only hear You in the song lingering.
We fools waste the sound by scolding shouting
Self, universe, five senses and what else!
You console me clarify glorify and amplify.
Sound is wave also light both spell shape.