Tuesday, October 30, 2012



How are You, the Ancient yet the evergreen?
Wishes splendid from the poets of the 21st
Century! To the Rover you are!-
Like a gypsy; explorer and rambler;
Voyager from time immemorial!

Timely, trusted, Dootha of the Yaksha,-
Anecdote well- celebrated by a million
Lips an’ hearts an’ ears!

Where you roam, what you seek?
Whom your anguish eyes do scan?
The wanderer you are!
Perambulating here an’ there!

Round an’ round along the sky you move,
Perhaps to be the next rain drop;
Or the drizzle
Sprinkle or shower;
Or swam into the Great Flood Eternal!
O, cloud, in my mind,
You be the sorrow unbound;
Also be my thought
Not at all stretching to my ambition;-
Or transmit something novel an’ current,
Or getting me revitalized.
I don’t mind-but urge
At times to be your master
And also be your guide!
And always be the Charioteer myself!