Sunday, September 2, 2012

the dispasionate

dr k g balakrishnan

O the Invisible,
The detached,
How unstable, am,
Thee the Indivisible,
The micro-most,
The quantum spell,
The nil-null-will,
The tiny beat,
The wink, the Inseparable!

The seen and the unseen,
The specified,
The unspecified,
The subject, the object,
And the enact,
The thought,
That does sprout,
In the seventh note,
The thousand words that tongued,
All, repeat, repeat,
A million, billion, n,
Well attached,
Thee the unattached!
    15-4- 2012

The Seventh note = Bliss

(The Nascent Poetry)

 (This poem is from my next work


to be published by early 2013 )