Sunday, September 2, 2012

it was so strange

                                    nisha g

[Every one might have heard the sea shell's murmur. Every creation of nature feels the sound from it, in one or the other way, for a small crab, when it went near to shell; it felt so…]
Oh! my! the sea washed me away!
My tiny foot prints that carved away
Later it took me somewhere very far
Staggered I to be freed from its bar.
Eh! What’s that soothing highly gay;
on the sunny sand dune which lay?
So dull ! a shell ! a tiny sea shell
 Me a tiny crab, I saw, it so clear and well.

Back to shore's lap, wavelets made me way
Oh! Roaring blue cup, take me back ney!
Ah! You heard my deeply sobbing soul
The waves didn't let me roll back.
"I came" said crab, .still the shell lay
Still dull, under the stinky sun’s ray
I neared the shell slow, very slow
Heard some tone, strange but low.

At its chest, shun by waves I lay
Still I heard, the shell strangely say
 "In you I give my little lovely love
In your sharp claws I enjoy delicacy now”
The shell held the crab close to say,
"My love token, I give, forget me ney,"
Then the sand dunes made a secret shed
To shell, when I gave him a stain in red.
Oh! my sea waves washed me away
Ah! then my claws now, searched a way
My mind echoed that shell's refrain,
Even I knew, all was in awful vain.
'Strange shell lay there still dull
My red stain on it shining in full
It was so strange! So strange for me,
That murmur I felt so deeply in me. ..

                                             IT WAS SO STRANGE