Sunday, April 18, 2010

book/yoga for men- thomas clare

Yoga for Men
Thomas Claire
Yoga for men is a comprehensive introduction to yoga specially designed for men of all ages and backgrounds- athletic or sedentary , young or old, the yoga devotee or the the neophyte just starting out on his yoga journey . It is presented in a simple , easy-to-follow format that includes a fully illustrated, basic , yet complete , yoga practice session, to serve as a companion to your own personal yoga practice .
It provides an overview of all the major styles of yoga to help you custom -taylor a practice to suit your needs.
In addition, yoga for men includes information specific to men-how yoga affects male health concerns, how yoga can help during the faces of a man's life,how yoga can enhance performance for atheletic activities as well as your sex life , and how yoga can be enjoyed with a partner .

'' Yoga for men provides an excellent analysis of yoga postures for the male body and mind and their energetic usage, as well as giving a good overview of the main types of yoga most popular in the west today and their relevance for the contemporary yoga students.''

David Frawley


Yoga for Men

Postures for healthy , stress -free living

by Thomas Claire

New Age Books

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