Thursday, December 1, 2011

the multitude

dr k g balakrishnan

“Their creation does not require the intervention of some

supernatural being or god. Rather, these multiple universes

arise naturally from physical law.”

-Stephen Hawking (The Grand Design).

“The How is simple, but

The Why is the Query”-

Proclaimed the Rishi.

This is That an’ That is This;

That’s all.” He assured; “but

It is Uni-Multi Continuum.”

He underlined.

At this nascent juncture,

The Moment transcendent,

Me the Poet perceive the tiniest,

The near-nothingness, the nought-not

Rather how it could be a cipher?

For the Nil too the Arivu,

As still the Space, the Poornam

Where the zero is homed,

Is perpetual, the apprehension.

Concealed the Unitude in the Space,

The Multitude in the Non-Dual,

The uniqueness spells it self its glory;

The Unlimit-ness of the micro an’ macro,

The sanctum instant that amalgamates both,

Are the entire saga bewildering.

That was why the Rishi pronounced thus:

“The Wheel is wheeling!”

Yes, the winking note the microwave,

Originates in space, plays the role,

Reverberates an’ conceals itself

In the Space the Truth.



Arivu=Knowledge(Narayana Guru)