Monday, April 2, 2012



From this murkiness
The abstruse enigmatic,
Dawns the Ray, to spell
The hue, the smile the happiness!

Nebulizing the sweet grief;
Breezing the lingering;
Warming the ambition;
Playing the lute golden;
My eternal relief!

Could you ponder the music?
Muting to the note euphoric,
The ultimate illuminating,
The wave, the swirling;
The swing embracing
To be the non-dual song!

From the brunette does muse
The blonde, the seven-hued,
The true trueness the sense,
The Bliss glorified!

The tranquility I enjoy,
The chant I zip,
The caressing fingertip;
My sublimation, renunciation
An’ Joy!

The night is conceiving
The brilliant day!
Nebulizer=an instrument used for
applying a liquid in the form of
fine spray. (Medical term)
Brunette=the dark, the night, the physical, material,

The blonde=opp.brunette, the day, the light, the knowledge
(dominant, recessive characters-ref.Genetics)